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What's Stuck in your Hair?
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What's Stuck in your Hair?

Get Expert Advice on How to Handle the Worst Tress Tragedies: Gum in your Hair, Tangled Brushes, and More!

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If you think you’ve got hair problems, try having gum or tar stuck in between the strands. This has happened to the best of us at times and removing things like gum, tar, Vaseline, or even a hair brush can be a pain!

If you’re ever faced with an unfortunate tress tragedy, try these helpful tips to get the goop out of your hair so you can get on with your day.

How to Handle the Worst Tress Tragedies:

Hair Dilemma #1: Gum Stuck in Hair

Perhaps your first grader decided it would be a good idea to fall asleep with gum in her mouth and her pink bubble gum has ended up in her blonde hair. Or, perhaps you’re the one who’s gracefully gotten your chewing gum stuck everywhere. Regardless of who’s to blame, here are a few suggestions on how to get that gum out:


  • Freeze the gum out with ice. Wrap the affected area in ice for 20 minutes and then chip away at the gum. Be careful not to damage the hair underneath.
  • Apply any type of oil to the gum and try to create a slippery effect that will slide the gum off the strands.

Hair Dilemma #2: Tar or Tree Sap in your Hair

While Christmas tree scouting, some tree sap makes its way into your hair.

Solution: Use some sort of slippery material to remove it. I suggest baby oil or a similar product which will work the tar or sap right out of your tresses.

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Hair Dilemma #3: Round Brush Caught in Hair

Your hairstylist uses a round brush all the time. It should be easy for you to try it, too. Right? Wrong! While giving yourself the perfect blowout, you got your brush caught in your hair.

Solution: Using a rat-tailed comb, slowly pull out your hair strand by strand from the brush. This works best if you have someone else helping you. Do not try to pull it out all at once or you risk damaging your strands. Be prepared to do this patiently, it could take up to an hour or more.

Hair Dilemma #4:Vaseline in your Hair

After applying Vaseline to your baby’s bum, you wipe your bangs out of your face, only to have a big glop stuck in your hair. If this situation sounds familiar, we’ve got a quick fix for you:

Solution: Blast your blow dryer on high heat onto the goop infested strands and melt away your dilemma, then wash with a clarifying shampoo to get out all the remaining gunk.

While some of these solutions aren’t the quickest fix, they are the most effective. I hope you’ll never have to endure any of these hair traumas, but if you do, you now know how to solve any distressed tresses!

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Article Written By: Kristle Jones; Kristle has over 5 years experience in the beauty industry, ranging from makeup to hair and everything in between. She is the author of 101 Bridal Beauty Tips, which you can find here.

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