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Find Your Soulmate!

Find Your Soulmate!

Learn How To Find Your Soul Mate Through Your Night Time Dreams… Just In Time For Valentine’s Day!


Everyone's looking for love. Somewhere in our heart, we all hope Mr. or Ms. Right is just around the corner. The problem is where to look...online-dating, nightclubs, at work, at church, or maybe the grocery store. Everyone has a different opinion as to how you might get lucky. While most people believe in the concept of "Soul Mate" they don't know how to begin their search. Actually, the solution is quite simple...Just Sleep on It! Your dreams will not only alert you when "the one" appears, but will provide daily guidance and direction in finding that special someone.

Michael and Nicole Sebastian, also known as "The Dream Dudes," found true love in their dreams. Now married for 12 years, “The Dream Dudes” teach others how to recognize their soul mate through their dreams. Michael says “I journaled my dream of Nicole five years prior to meeting her, and the dream was so vivid that it showed me her hair color, eye color, even her name. Nicole also knew Michael was “the One” when they first met. She ran home and told her roommate that she was going to marry this man. Nine months later they were married. Talk about a synchronicity, they not only met in a dream, but started a business together called “Trust Yourself.” They now teach others how to use their dreams, read the signs, and trust their gut…to meet and master their destiny and find the lovesoulmate, valentine's day, valentine, love, soul mate, find soul mate, dreams, soul mate dreams, dream dudes, nicole and michael sebastian, trust yourself, trust yourself nicole michael sebastian, in love, finding love, falling in love, sleeping, girl sleeping, shano studios, painting of their life.

The simple technique for finding your Dream Mate is “Programming Your Dreams.”

It goes like this:

  • Lay down, get ready for bed – put your dream journal on your nightstand

  • Do 3 HU’s (like hue) HUUUUU – a sound to enhance dream recall and clarity

  • Ask for “guidance in finding your dream mate” – informing your higher-self

  • Allow yourself to experience the emotion of what it feels like to have found your mate – emotion is the fuel for manifestation

  • Get a good night’s rest – holding the fond feeling of love in your heart

  • Wake up in the morning and jot down any dream fragments, thoughts, flashes of insight or lingering feelings – pay close attention to these nightly messages

· Stay with this technique until you find what you are seeking – pure guidance on mate selection


Dreams are practical yet profound. When you work with your dreams you are provided with a road map to guide your daily life. Dreams will let you know when your soul mate is close at hand, how to know if your sweetheart is “The One,” and how to know if you are just wasting your time in your current relationship. Trust Yourself! Sweet Dreams…


soulmate, valentine's day, valentine, love, soul mate, find soul mate, dreams, soul mate dreams, dream dudes, nicole and michael sebastian, trust yourself, trust yourself nicole michael sebastian, in love, finding love, falling in love, instinctsNicole & Michael have worked with Dreams, Signs and Intuition for over 20 years. Celebrity Dream Advisors & Co-authors of "TRUST YOURSELF: Master Your Dreams, Master Your Destiny" the modern-day bible on Dreams and Decision Making.

For more information – log on to - www.trustyourself.tv

Image by: Shano studied Art History at California State University of Northridge and University of Utah, as well as a year of Fashion Illustration at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Sherman Oaks, California. (Which greatly influences her style of painting)

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