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Guestbookstore.com - Custom Guestbooks!

Is Only A Picture Worth A Thousand Words? What About A Guest Book?

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It's been said that the best way to capture a memory is with a picture.  But now, there's another option! As weddings become more and more modern and unique, couples are opting for guestbooks with pictures in addition to signatures and even comments from their guests.  But how about a guestbook with pages where your guests can leave memories with you, special wishes for the future, special predictions, and a picture of themselves?  Customized guestbooks for almost every occasion (that's right, not just weddings!) allow you and your guests to remember every special moment in a very special way. The one and only place to find such a treasure is Guestbookstore.com.  They offer guestbooks for several events including weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, Bar Mitzvahs, anniversaries, and even guestbooks for your ski lodge or guest room! 

guestbooks, guestbookstore.com, baby shower guestbook, bridal shower guestbook, wedding guestbook

Guestbookstore.com was started by Ann and Stuart Sandler who felt that for their wedding, they wanted more than just a guestbook filled with signatures. Ann said, "Since a videographer wasn't in our budget, we knew that we wouldn't have a way to capture personal greetings from our friends and family members. It seemed like a logical idea for us to tie that into our guestbook concept and we began brainstorming ideas from there."  After Ann and Stuart's guestbook was such a hit at their wedding, Ann began making them for others and eventually, Guestbookstore.com was born. 

Guestbookstore.com takes you through a process of only a few simple steps to create your perfect guestbook. Begin by choosing what type of occasion the book is for, whether it be anything from your bridal shower to your baby shower.  Next, choose your album cover.  Depending on what occasion you chose, you have several options for guestbook covers. 

Guestbook Covers Options: 

guest book, guestbookstore.com, baby shower, baby shower guest book

If you decide on a guestbook for a baby shower, why not pick this adorable jungle theme cover?  You'll love to show it off to your other mommy friends, and your son or daughter will love to have this keepsake one day.

guest book, guestbookstore.com, vermillion ablum cover

For a more casual occasion, like perhaps a book for your guest room, try this Vermillion guestbook.  You'll love to remember the guests you've had, and you'll have a good time reading how wonderful you made their visit!

guest book, guestbookstore.com, formal guest book, leather album cover

For formal occasions, especially weddings, this black leather guestbook cover is perfect.  There is an opening for you to insert a picture on the front cover, so you and your lovely fiancé can take center stage.  Nothing will be more memorable than a book full of good wishes and congratulations from your family and friends!


After you choose your guestbook cover, you move on to choosing and customizing your inside pages.  These pages will be removed from the book for your occasion so that your guests can easily fill them out at their seat and then return them to you.  Some pages have a spot for pictures, and most allow you to add your name to each page for customization. Some guestbooks also allow for you to choose formal or casual pages, and what type of information you want filled in by your guests.  Each occasion has specialized pages that will allow you to get the most satisfaction out of your guestbook!

Wedding Guestbook Pages:

guest book, guestbookstore.com, wedding guest book, picture wedding guest book

If you choose to make a wedding album guestbook with pictures, there is a spot on each page for a picture of your wedding guest. You can either place Polaroid cameras at the wedding and attach the pictures there, or you can place disposable cameras on the tables and attach the pictures later!

Baby Shower Guestbook Pages:

guestbooks, guestbookstore.com, wedding guestbook, baby shower guestbook, baby shower

The pages in baby shower guestbooks allow room for special delivery predications, messages to the baby-to-be, and advice to the new mom. It allows for plenty of special memories for mommy and the newborn!

The third step in creating your own custom guestbook is to add on any special pages or items which may include markers, blank pages for your most creative of guests to fill, and gift receipt pages so you can always remember who bought you what.  Finally, you check out and look forward to receiving your special custom-made guestbook in only five days!  I created a wedding photo guestbook for my upcoming special day and found the process not only simple, but enjoyable! With each click, I was offered new options that got me even more excited for the final outcome once all my guests have filled out the pages. I know this guestbook will be something I will always cherish because it will be full of wonderful memories!

What do you give to the bride who has everything? A guestbook of course! Guestbookstore.com allows you send this as a gift and even write a special message to the one receiving it. If you show up with one at a party or shower, you'll be the favorite guest and best gift-giver.  Check out Guestbookstore.com for all the options to make the most creative guestbooks you've ever seen!

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Article Written By:  Amy Jarvis; Amy is a graduate of FIDM in Los Angeles, CA and has recently crossed over from designing into the online world, writing and designing pages for Divavillage.com.


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