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It's OK To Satisfy Those Chocolate Cravings!

Chocolate May Be Good For You!

Chocolate, godiva chocolate, healthy chocolate, sugar free chocolate

Photo Provided by www.Godiva.com

Do you ever wonder why women crave chocolate when they are on their cycle?  According to Dr. Carolyn Dean MD, author of “The Miracle of Magnesium” (Random House, 2003) and medical advisor to yeastconnection.com, chocolate contains magnesium, and magnesium is at its lowest in our body during menstruation!  “Ounce for ounce, chocolate has more magnesium than any other food, and the irresistible urge to consume chocolate is a sure sign of magnesium deficiency,” says Dr. Dean.  To off-set the cravings without in taking chocolate, try to increase magnesium by eating more nuts, whole grains, seafood, and green vegetables, and by taking magnesium supplements. The chocolate cravings will vanish when you have enough magnesium in your diet.

chocolate, chocolate truffles, chocolate recipes

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If you love chocolate but feel bad about consuming it, there’s hope!  Some doctors seem to think it isn’t all that bad for you.  In fact, it even has some health benefits!  Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum MD, Medical director of the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers of America, says “chocolate is very high in anti-oxidants and is effective for treating cough as codeine. It also helps diarrhea and may decrease smoking induced blood vessel damage. It is excellent to increase mood (because it contains PEA-Phenyl ethyl amine-a mood elevator).”

Apparently chocolate is also is healthy for skin, despite all those rumors you’ve heard of it causing breakouts.  Researchers found that certain components in cocoa may actually help improve the appearance of women's skin -increasing hydration, decreasing skin roughness and scaling, and helping to support the skin's defense against UV (sun) damage.  The German scientists attributed the observed benefits to cocoa flavanols - a group of compounds that can be particularly rich in cocoa and that have been previously reported to improve blood flow and vessel function. This part is very important:
To get the benefits from chocolate, be sure to eat DARK chocolate.
Dr. Teitelbaum says, “I tell people to avoid sugar, but I always add the 3 magic words ‘Except for chocolate!’  To get the best of both worlds, use sugar free chocolates. Some are awful. The ones by Russell Stover and Godiva are excellent.”

Godiva sugar free chocolate, chocolate, sugar free chocolate

Sugar Free Godiva Chocolate Assortment

Photo Provided by www.godiva.com

There you have it ladies!  If you crave chocolate, then go for it!  Just do your best to stick to sugar free or dark chocolate.  You may even be benefiting your health, and that’s the best news I’ve heard all day!

Now that you know chocolate may actually benefit the skin, eat some and then throw on this skin-baring halter for a night out!  You’ll be filled up on magnesium, satisfied of your cravings, and looking fabulous!

chocolate, halter top, linen top, michael kors

Michael Kors Linen Halter $69.50

If you’re feeling bloated while on your cycle and the news that chocolate is ok to eat just isn’t enough, then try out this chocolate-colored empire waist safari dress.  Even if you don’t feel your best, you’ll look slim and beautiful and no one will even know it’s that “time of the month!”

Safari dress, chocolate dress, silk dress, INC dress

INC Safari print babydoll dress $119

Find Dark Chocolate!
Find Sugar Free Chocolate!

Article Written By:  Amy Jarvis; Amy is a graduate of FIDM in Los Angeles, CA and has recently crossed over from designing into the online world, writing and designing pages for Divavillage.com.



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