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Gas Prices Soaring - Start Shopping Online!
Gas, Gas Prices, Cheap Gas  
With gas prices soaring these days, many of us don’t want to take the risk of leaving the house to run errands as we let our cars eat up our gas.  At $3.50 a gallon, who can afford to?  I guess cheap gas is a thing of the past.  But as life moves on ahead, eventually we will all need to go out and drive to buy those essential items.  We need our groceries, our toiletries, our movies, and sometimes, we may even claim to need clothes, shoes, and accessories!  But have no fear, with the wonderful world of the internet nowadays, we can buy everything we need from online stores, instead of going out and re-filling our gas tanks week after week.  Check out some of the websites we have found that will bring the world right into your home, so you don’t have to leave!

Groceries, shop online, Netgrocer.com

Need groceries?  Plenty of markets sell food online, and deliver it to you as well.  At the online grocery store shop.netgrocer.com, you can buy pretty much any kind of food, from cakes to natural-organic foods, to kosher foods.  All their products also provide the nutrition facts online, so you know what you’re buying, making this shopping experience complete reality!  They also offer an online toy store and health and beauty section.  Many of your favorite grocery stores now deliver as well, like Vons.

Gas prices, online stores, Target stores online  Gas prices, online stores, target stores online  gas prices, online stores, target stores online, target

Sometimes when I am running low on toiletries, like toothpaste, hairspray, or lotion, I wait until the very last second to buy a new one.  I am hoping that by waiting, I’ll have run out of more things so that I can buy them all at once.  This is my one attempt at trying to save my gas, and therefore trying to save my money.  Thanks to Target stores online, you can buy every kind of toiletry on the market.  The other great thing about Target is that they even sell electronics, clothes, housewares, and gardening supplies!  So if you ever need something, you are pretty much covered, and assured that your purchase will be gas-guzzling free. 
Gas Prices, Online Stores, Food online, homebistro.com
What happens when you get home from work late and you’re behind on ordering your online groceries, therefore there’s nothing in the house to eat for dinner?  Well, if you’ve visited homebistro.com, you’ll have a complete meal waiting for you in the freezer that will be ready in 10 minutes or less!  This online food store has trained chefs that have cooked up the most delicious meals (including even low carb meals) and frozen them for you to enjoy when you're ready.  Crab cakes anyone?
  Gas prices, movies online, netflix, online movie rental  Gas Prices, Online movie rental, movies online, netflix, The Producers  Gas Prices, Online Movie Rental, Oceans 11, Netflix
Late friday night is the best time to rent a movie, but with gas and movie prices skyrocketing, why not just rent? Oh, but then you would have to drive to the video store, yet another waste of gas.  Not so!  Try netflix.com, this online movie rental company allows you to rent three movies at a time, return them whenever you want, and pay no shipping fees!  This plan will only cost you $17.99 a month, which is much cheaper than all the gas you’ll waste driving to the movie theater or video store.  With Netflix, you’ll always have a movie on hand to watch, so no more worries about having to run out and get one when you’re bored!

Gas Prices, DMV, online DMV

Sometimes having to leave the house seems inevitable. For example, what if you have to go renew your Driver's license or sign up for auto insurance?  Did you know that DMV.org now allows you to do those things online?  You can also get vehicle registration, practice dmv tests, dmv locations & hours on their website.  At least the DMV is trying to help you save on gas! 
With technology progressing so fast today, we are offered several options to help us get around having to go to the gas station every two days.  Use our online guide, and start shopping the internet today.  You’ll save money, time, and energy.  Less visits to the gas station wouldn’t be too bad either!
If driving is still a necessity for you, find cheap gas prices in your neighborhood by visiting autos.msn.com
Article Written By:  Amy Jarvis; Amy is a graduate of FIDM in Los Angeles, CA and has recently crossed over from designing into the online world, writing and designing pages for Divavillage.com.

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