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Yesterday I went to a movie (“Capote”) and I ate nachos, popcorn (buttered) and M&M’s.  I downed all this with a Pepsi (regular, not diet).  That was lunch.  It was no wonder that I crashed and burned two hours later.

As I laid down in a semi-coma after my binge, I wondered how people eat like this all the time.  There are people who eat like this all the time, they are good friends of mine. I asked my friend Jake what went wrong with me—why can’t I eat junk?  He’s a regular fast-food eater; he can down a Pixie stick with a shrug of his shoulders.  He advised, “you shoulda had another Pepsi later on.”  Ah ha, so the key is consistency with junk food.  We keep the artificial stimulants coming in and we keep going even though our bodies want to rest after a shock binge of the junk.

One of the most fascinating films I have viewed is “Super Size Me.”  The radical physical deterioration that the protagonist experienced after a diet of McDonalds-only for a short period of time (I think it was a month), was astounding.  Psychologically, the protagonist became moody and cranky; it’s no wonder given the physical duress he was experiencing.  After the release of this film, McDonald’s began offering healthier meals like salads.  I experienced a taste of these changes after my jag at the movie theater—it’s not merely a rumor or urban legend that junk food is bad for you.  “Super Size Me” proved how detrimental junk food on a regular basis actually is.

I feel best when I consume small, healthy meals throughout the day.  My metabolism and blood sugar levels are operating on an even keel and so my energy is up and even throughout the day.  I run into trouble if I start grabbing at larger quantities of sugar and caffeine for the proverbial boost. I am surely going to crash if I get into this vicious cycle, and in order to prevent the crash, I of course consume more sugar and caffeine.  Crazy, yes?

But, we are all too human.  We like to indulge in sweets and thick iced lattes with syrups and whipped cream.  We like buttered nachos and buttered popcorn and M&M’s and soft drinks while viewing movies.  We need coffee in the morning or there is no morning.  I’m guessing the key is moderation and balance.  It is difficult to be a purist although some of these people are my good friends, too.  Have the morning coffee but try to avoid relying on it all day long (if you’re drinking nine cappuccinos a day, you need a vacation).  Have something sweet from time to time but offset it with other healthier foods in your diet.  Exercise regularly to keep the body conditioned.  And, let the body crash and rest after an especially good binge.

By Jennifer Blue:  Jennifer writes from Los Angeles.  She currently infuses her passion for fashion into writing, illustration and costuming.

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