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Failure Can Be Your Friend
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Learn How Every Failure Has A Lesson Behind It!

When you have failed at something great or small, undoubtedly someone will offer the prolific advice: “That which does not kill us makes us stronger,” said by German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche.

Well Nietzsche went insane, and you may think you are going to as well when in the wallows of an epic failure, unable to see a light out of the tunnel, ego bruised eggplant-purple and empty carton of rocky road in your lap.

But Nietzsche was right.

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Failing at anything is hard. Even losing a game of tic-tac-toe can have a tiny sting, and larger life whammies can knock us spinning out of control, slave to our emotions. Perhaps the boy you believed was yours was also your neighbor’s, and that relationship is over. Maybe you lost your job, the one that was supposed to take you to the big time. You tried out for the soccer team and lost. Your band didn’t make the cut for the regional talent show. You cooked a meal for your in-laws that made everybody sick.

Failure is a part of life. It sucks, no two ways about it. But everyone fails. Everyone. Even people who seem to have it all have failed massively at some point; in fact the most successful people in life often have also experienced more failures, because they have also taken more risks.

The silver lining in each gloomy failure is the kernel of knowledge that is planted when you learn from your experiences. Every failure has a lesson behind it, and most have several. Instead of simply ruminating on your distress, attempt to figure out the reasons behind it, or at least the logic to use when moving forward. Try your hardest to see every failure, even small ones, as a learning opportunity and a chance to grow. Buy the wrong milk again? Maybe you should start making a list. Fender bender? Time to slow down.

Bigger failures are also an opportunity to slow down and reassess yourself, your life, and the path you are choosing. Maybe one door has closed for you; time to find an open window. Often failure is a blessing in disguise. We have all looked back on something that we thought was a huge misfortune at the time, but now realize how lucky we were to not get what we thought we wanted.

Loss can be a powerful catalyst for change, providing the inspiration and motivation to set new goals and to more firmly try to influence the course of our lives. It can also be a poignant reminder that some things cannot be controlled; some things you must simply accept. Either way, failure affords a fresh start and can give you a whole new perspective on the world.

Most importantly, remember that just because you failed at something does not mean that you are a failure. Don’t let a misstep infect your self-confidence and convince you that you are meant to fail at all relationships, jobs, or friends. Learn from your experience, and accept the fact that everyone makes mistakes. Grow into a person who can roll with the punches that life swings, someone who is an inspiration to others struggling out there. Be someone who has failed, and who has become stronger.

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Shilo Urban is a freelance writer who has just relocated to Los Angeles after her previous homes of Seattle, New Zealand, Paris, Maine, and Austin. She is an active member of the West Coast electronic music community and lives to promote the art that she loves and the people who create it.

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