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Foods for the Third Eye Chakra
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Feeding the Third Eye Chakra: Foods for Intuition and Imagination

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When we think about “seeing”, we often think about our ability to see the external world. When we think of our eyes, we might refer to the two eyes on our face. However, the third eye chakra guides us into another realm of sight. It leads us to peer into our internal world – to examine who we are not just in the physical world, but also in the cosmos at large. Who are we in the grand scheme of life? How do we connect our life on Earth to all of life through the entire universe?

The third eye chakra gets us to move from the microcosm of our being to the macrocosm of All That Is. Through the vehicle of intuition, it guides us through our lives, helping us to make the choices that serve us and others best. Sometimes we hear our intuition outright and other times, we are imparted information we need to know within our dreams. If we are paying attention, we will be able to connect our small and big selves using the bridge of intuition.
When it comes to food, many of us have lost sight of our inner voice about what to eat, how to eat, and how much to eat. By reconnecting with our true inner needs, we can find our way back to our perfect bodies and minds. We can start to do this by listening. Yes, listening rather than always talking! When we are still, in a meditative mindset, we are able to hear what we need to. Practicing meditation or simply being still is a superb way to exercise your intuitive muscle!


The part of our subtle anatomy that connects to intuition and imagination is called the third eye chakra (in Sanskrit, ajna). This part of us is unique as it opens the part of us that is responsible for vision – physical and intuitive. It oversees the truly visible aspects of our physiology like the eyes, as well as the brain, and the coordination of the incredible network of hormones through the hypothalamus, and pituitary and pineal glands. Also, it is the link to our ‘higher vision’ – that of our purpose, path, and passion, all wrapped into one. It is the seat of our intuition, or the culmination of our earthly experience combined with our senses and “gut feeling”.
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Therefore, the third eye chakra is uniquely part of our connection to food. You may have heard the expression – “you eat with your eyes” – and, indeed, there is some truth to this statement as our eating process begins before we’ve even taken a bite of food. We begin the process of transformation in the body by first seeing the food – noticing its rainbow array of colors and the artistry of food arranged on the plate. This interaction feeds us – it sparks our brain to start sending signals to the rest of our physiology, primarily the gut - that we’ve got food coming.


Eat intuitively. We are all intuitive beings, but sometimes we put our intellect on overdrive when it comes to eating. By tuning into our soulful needs through the vehicle of our intuition, we will be in harmony with what both our body and soul require to resonate to their fullest. Listening to our intuitive voice about foods and eating requires practice. You may “feel” that you need to be eating more spinach. Or you may have a “hunch” that you need to get more protein by eating black beans. Honor your intuitive signals to bring your body and soul into alignment. The more you pay attention, the more intuitive signals you’ll receive!

Nourish the brain and mood. Of course, the brain is an essential organ and we need to nourish it just like any other part of us. In fact, it has unique nutritional needs. Since about 60% of the brain is fat, we can alter the composition of the brain by feeding it good, healthy, unsaturated omega-3 fats, like those you’d get from fish, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. Feeding the body and, ultimately, the brain with healthy fats will ensure that your neurotransmitters are flowing fluidly, and keeping you in a good, positive mood. Studies have shown that people who have depression have lower amounts of omega-3 fats in their blood. Feast on fish and prevent yourself from “going nuts” by eating nuts!

Eat to sleep well. There is a “new” disorder on the market – it’s called “Nighttime Eating Syndrome”. When people have lots of extra time at night, they may settle into a routine of relaxing at home, watching television and eating snacks. These snacks may amount to a significant proportion of their daily intake – in some cases, about 15% of the total calories can be eaten at night after dinner! Eating close to bedtime may result in disruptions in sleep patterns for some people. Not eating two to three hours before bedtime works well for most. If we eat right before we go to sleep, our third eye chakra may remain too active, keeping us unsettled throughout the night. On the other hand, having a light protein snack right before bedtime may help give some individuals with a third eye imbalance a more deep, grounded quality of sleep. For restful dreams, curtail nighttime eating.


Chocolate is one of the most powerful foods for the third eye chakra – its vibration replenishes and stimulates this center, and it does so in a number of ways. Dark chocolate contains caffeine which stimulates the brain and thinking, enabling us to focus on a task at hand better. It also contains antioxidants known as flavonoids which help to open us the blood vessels. We may even become more relaxed and lower our blood pressure as a result of this effect. Aside from its physiological effects, it can certainly alter our psychology – our mood, as it contains several constituents that act as stimulants or that give us the comforting “I’m in love” feeling.  Try having a small square of dark chocolate in the late afternoon to help your brain to revive from thinking all day long and to help your mood sink into one of relaxation and bliss!
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Spice it up!: The theme of substances that influence the third eye chakra is that they are “intense” – just like thought and intuition can be. Spices are typically used in small amounts because of their potent effects. As a result of their pungent flavors, their effects are felt in the realm of the third eye chakra. Many spices are not only tasty, but medicinal as well, and helpful for reducing brain aging. One example is curry. Populations that eat more curry tend to have better scores on cognition tests. Also, curcumin, from the curry spice, has been shown to be a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound that reduces the buildup of a protein (beta-amyloid) found to be in greater concentrations in demented brains. turmeric, curry powder, curry spice, third eye chakra, indigo 6th chakra, indigo third eye 6th chakra, chakra, throat chakra, chakra balance, chakra foods, chakra healing, chakras


Purple berries: Berries, particularly the dark purplish kind, like blueberries, have been shown to help animals learn better. Researchers have shown that giving berries to aged animals (the equivalent of about ½ cup for humans) resulted in cognitive improvements. And if that weren’t interesting enough, what we now know is that berries aren’t just brain-wonder foods because they are potent antioxidants. Scientists have shown that the two berries, blueberries and strawberries, influence different types of learning and memory. They appear to be very specific both in function and where they end up in the brain. Think berries for breakfast, especially for kids, to help them learn at school. Smoothies containing a mixture of frozen berries are also a real treat as a snack. blueberries, blueberry, berry, third eye chakra, indigo 6th chakra, indigo third eye 6th chakra, chakra, throat chakra, chakra balance, chakra foods, chakra healing, chakras

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Deanna Minich, PhD, CN, (www.foodandspirit.com) is a nutritionist who sees more to food than calories and macronutrients. She blends cutting-edge nutrition information, quantum physics, and the ancient chakra system to guide others to use foods and eating as tools for spiritual growth and nourishment for the soul. With her latest book, Chakra Foods for Optimum Health: A Guide to the Foods that can Improve Your Energy, Inspire Creative Changes, Open Your Heart, and Heal Body, Mind, and Spirit, she opens your heart, unravels your intuition, and guides you on a journey to inner and outer bliss with every bite you take! Her new book, An A to Z Guide to Food Additives: Never Eat What You Can’t Pronounce , is a companion guide for your journey to the supermarket to help you make sense of your food!

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