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Foods for the Throat Chakra
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Foods for Communication and Truth: Feeding the Throat Chakra

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As human beings, one of our unifying gifts is to express ourselves. We are surrounded with expression in everyday life when we talk on the phone, write an e-mail, listen to the radio, watch the television or have an in-person conversation. The vehicle of the voice is one of the most impactful means of expression we are capable of. After all, we cannot fully release the chaotic, raw thoughts and emotions that arise within us without being able to speak, write or communicate in some way. Therefore, our throat becomes a ‘birth canal’ for the passions and feelings of the heart. Our heart cannot make its feelings known without having an outlet of expression.

The thoughts we think and the words we speak are destined to ultimately become manifest. But how many people realize the power of their words? Do we speak authentically, coming from our true place within?  Or do we find ourselves caught up in lies, deceit, or rumors? How do we communicate our feelings and needs about eating? Do we remain silent to issues around the food supply – such as the safety of foods, the adulteration of foods with additives, or the marketing of unhealthy foods – or do we speak out? You may have seen the recent fast food ads showing gorgeous models gorging on greasy burgers. This is clearly a disconnect, and sends a message of inauthenticity to people watching – young children and teenagers are most vulnerable to the subconscious messages these ads are promoting. Eating those fast foods laden in sugar, fat, and salt will not help someone to have a healthy, perfect body. In fact, as we know, quite the opposite.

Therefore, it is important to be true to ourselves in all aspects of our lives, even when it comes to foods and eating. If we can’t say “no”, we may find ourselves in a predicament where we must eat certain foods that don’t benefit our bodies, minds, or spirits. Know exactly where you stand on something like foods and eating so that when you are called into question or in a situation, you can report your truth! And then you will feel good about it – your message will be clear and consistent with who you are.

The part of our subtle anatomy that connects to communication and the voice is called the throat chakra (in Sanskrit, vishuddha). It holds not only the throat but the ears, mouth, nose, thyroid gland, lips, and cheeks. The ability of the nose to smell, the tongue to taste, and the ears to hear are all contained within the throat chakra vicinity. Thus, the throat chakra is essential for our connection to food. It serves as the gateway for food to enter our physical body. Our intent for that food is set within the throat chakra, and the throat chakra determines and chooses foods that are needed for our highest good. blue throat chakra, foods for throat chakra, throat chakra, chakra balance, 5th chakra, chakra foods, chakra healing, chakras

Like the other chakras, the throat chakra can easily find itself in overdrive by talking incessantly without making sense, chewing mindlessly, or gulping food. However, a healthy, balanced throat chakra can harmonize truth and authenticity within the entire being by speaking clearly and truthfully, eating mindfully, and synchronizing all the activities that take place in this concentrated area: hearing, talking, tasting, chewing, breathing, and swallowing.


Chew food: In the age of fast living, we are doing everything fast, including eating. If we are eating on the run, we may tend to shortcut our eating by gulping and swallowing rather than chewing and assimilating. If we are not chewing our food thoroughly, chances are we won’t be able to digest, absorb, and ultimately, assimilate it into our body. Thus, chewing serves an important function. It is also essential that we put our awareness into eating so we get the most from the experience and do not feel like overeating – chewing slowly helps us to accomplish this. Eating with consciousness keeps us in the moment and allows us to savor the flavor and joy of foods!

Eat high-quality foods for your highest self: Every day we are bombarded with food choices – how do we know what is best for us? Nutritionists seem to tell us one thing one day and another thing the next. How do we know how to choose foods? The throat chakra is about choice, decisions, and options – but not just any – the throat chakra, being a higher, resonating chakra than some of the other lower chakras, is calling us to make the best choice for ourselves and our planet. Eat foods that serve your body, mind, and spirit, and that serve the realm of nature – the animals, plants, and water.  If we are eating meat from chickens kept in unhealthy, stressful conditions, we may take on the ‘energy’ of those chickens – frenetic, chaotic, stressful. If we are eating foods that were grown using natural elements instead of synthetic, such as organically grown foods, we are taking in healthy, higher-vibratory signals for our soul.

Broaden your food horizon: When we cave into food ruts, we let go of our ability to choose and experience. The throat chakra encourages us to be expansive like the overarching sky – to look wider and broader, to explore and discover. One of the ways we can do this is by eating ethnic foods – foods we may not normally eat, whether Thai, Indian, Middle-Eastern, European, or Ethiopian, to name a few. See what happens when you introduce some variety. It exposes you to an abundance of tradition and culture. It broadens not only your food horizon, but helps you to step out of the box of your everyday living!

Spark alchemy amongst the food elements: On a spiritual level, the throat chakra is about alchemy – transforming the messages of the heart into the language of voice, words, song, poetry. The throat chakra resonates with the alchemy of food elements – bringing together water and earth, fire and water, fire and earth. By eating foods like soups (earth-water elements fused together through fire), we encourage and honor our connection with the elemental nature of foods and our bodies.

Sea Plants: Sea plants are not a common food for most Americans, but they have value for our throat chakra because they supply iodine and other minerals for our thyroid gland. When our thyroid gland is properly fueled, we can metabolize our food properly and feel in balance with our body weight. Try sprinkling dry dulse flakes on top of a salad or making a wrap out of a sheet of nori (seaweed)! nori, seaweed, foods for throat chakra, throat chakra, chakra balance, 5th chakra, chakra foods, chakra healing, chakras
Soups/sauces/juices: These foods are moistening and lubricating for the mouth and throat. They help quench our thirst or help us to sustain our bodies with an amalgam of nutrients. Adding a little sauce (like soy sauce or a light dressing) to a vegetable can help it to better mix within our mouths so that we can digest it fully. Eating soups can open up the throat chakra area and create more ease in eating. Eating spoonfuls of soup compared to bites of food may help us to slow down and be more in the moment. And finally, juicing fruits and vegetables can extract the nutrients we need in a liquid base to nourish the body through the conduit of communication. soups, foods for throat chakra, throat chakra, chakra balance, 5th chakra, chakra foods, chakra healing, chakras
Fruits:  Fruits tend to be high in water content, so they are the perfect food for the throat chakra. Some of them make us pucker, like lemons and limes, which can be good for propelling us into action to say something. Others make us expansive because of their water content and sweet taste, like melons, which can help us to be more communicative when we feel withdrawn. fruits, foods for throat chakra, throat chakra, chakra balance, 5th chakra, chakra foods, chakra healing, chakras

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Deanna Minich, PhD, CN, (www.foodandspirit.com) is a nutritionist who sees more to food than calories and macronutrients. She blends cutting-edge nutrition information, quantum physics, and the ancient chakra system to guide others to use foods and eating as tools for spiritual growth and nourishment for the soul. With her latest book, Chakra Foods for Optimum Health: A Guide to the Foods that can Improve Your Energy, Inspire Creative Changes, Open Your Heart, and Heal Body, Mind, and Spirit (http://www.amazon.com/Chakra-Foods-Optimum-Health-Creative/dp/1573243736), she opens your heart, unravels your intuition, and guides you on a journey to inner and outer bliss with every bite you take! Her new book, An A to Z Guide to Food Additives: Never Eat What You Can’t Pronounce (http://www.amazon.com/Z-Guide-Food-Additives-Pronounce/dp/1573244031), is a companion guide for your journey to the supermarket to help you make sense of your food!

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