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Give yourself a Beauty Break and Go Au-Natural!

beauty, beauty break, spring, spring break, hair, makeup, natural I recently spent a week at the beach with family.  When I do the beach thing I tend to abandon anything that reminds me of my every day routine, and that includes applying makeup and blow drying my hair.  During this week of taking a beauty break, so to speak, I noticed that my hair shined and my skin looked luminous. 

Now much of this has to do with the fact that I wear sunscreen on my face daily and I use good quality products on my hair, so every day care definitely makes a difference, but taking a break from hair styling tools, daily application of hair products and daily layering on of makeup truly does give you and your looks a much needed breather.

BEAUTY BREAK TIP #1: Help for Your Hair

Did you know that one of the main causes of dry scalp is the brutal heat that screams out of your blow dryer?  While this is certainly not the case for every person, if you have dry scalp issues and blow dry every day, taking a break can show if it is a culprit.  A lot of blow drying is also dehydrating to the hair strands themselves and is a frequent cause of split ends. Here are a few things to give your hair the beauty break it needs: beauty, beauty break, spring, spring break, hair, makeup, natural
  • Something to do for your hair during your ‘break from blow drying period’ is to apply a deep conditioner and comb it through from roots to ends with a wide toothcomb.  Leave it on overnight or while you are exercising and behold the amazing hair that awaits you.

  • A few rounds with a clarifying shampoo would be a great idea too, as this break from applying hair products, coupled with the chelating (chemical coupound) shampoo, will really get your tresses clean and void of any build up.

  • Here’s a smart tip when it comes to using your blow dryer: Dry your hair to about 80% percent, then step away from the blow torch, um, blow dryer.  If you can let the last 20% air dry you will really be saving your locks.

BEAUTY BREAK TIP #2: Face Reality

Think about all we do to our face on a normal day.  Cleansing, toner, moisturizer, some apply foundation, concealer, blush, eye makeup, powder and brow related cosmetics.  That is a lot of layers of beauty products on top of the skin, so it’s no wonder sometimes pores get clogged and have to fight back at us. Give your face a rest and let it breathe! Here are some reasons why you should skip the makeup: beauty, beauty break, spring, spring break, hair, makeup, natural
  • When you take a beauty break and don’t apply makeup (do still use your normal skin care routine), it’s as though you are taking your skin on its own vacation!  You know how every day life piles up on you and you can feel like you could really use a break from all that weighs you down?  Well that is how your skin feels sometimes, with day after day and week after week of makeup suffocating it almost constantly!

  • When you are free of makeup for a week or even a few days, it gives your skin much needed rest and a chance to ‘detox’.  When I get a facial my skin feels so clean and healthy.  You can do your own steam, scrub, and mask at home, mimicking a spa visit.  You skin will thank you; I promise! Give yourself an at-home facial! To learn how, go here.

BEAUTY BREAK TIP #3: One Step Further

Why not take your beauty break one step further and remove all nail polish so your nails can rest and recuperate?  Use nightly doses of a rich hand cream and push back cuticles to keep them supple and healthy.  Try soaking in a little lemon juice if your nail tips aren’t as white as you’d like.  You can also massage in whitening toothpaste to help nail look brighter or soak in fizzy denture tablets with whitening power! beauty, beauty break, spring, spring break, hair, makeup, natural

While much of beauty has to do with maintenance and constant grooming, leaving every thing alone can work wonders for you looks and your confidence, too.  After going a few days without the everyday makeup and hair helpers you will come to appreciate what you were born with so much more.  And you will likely be ready to try some new hair products or styling tools and new makeup colors too!

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Article Written By:  Laura Miller; Laura is a beauty and health/wellness/fitness writer living in Atlanta, Ga. Her many years in the salon and spa business served as a springboard for her next career move as a full-time writer. She now writes articles for DivaVillage.com and their sister-site VillageMAMA.com.

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