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How to Balance Work and Play
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How to Balance Work and Play

Whether you’re a Workaholic or you’d rather just Play all Day, we’ll help you Balance your Life with Some Tips!

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While working hard and playing hard might be your daily mantra, it’s important to remember how to find balance and center yourself once in a while. Running on all eight cylinders will definitely get a lot accomplished, but it’s also likely to wear you out sooner than you expect it!


Finding balance in your life is the best strategy for getting ahead in the long run, and it’s a skill that takes time to learn and practice. If you’re struggling with school, work, or your social life, stepping back and getting some perspective can help you define what’s most important to you--and help you live a much healthier lifestyle in the process.

Importance of Staying Flexible

Staying flexible is an important part of the process; rarely straying from the norm will limit your options and quickly lead to boredom, or even depression. If you’re finding yourself dreading each day and avoiding things you once enjoyed, it’s a surefire sign you need to re-evaluate. Are you spending too much time focused on a negative part of your life? Are you working too much? Are you making time for social relationships? These are all important questions to ask when you feel down or in a bad mood on a regular basis. Correcting imbalances in your life often means keeping an open mind and staying flexible for new opportunities.

Changing your environment is a simple way to do this; consider taking a trip, a short excursion, or simply occupying your time with a new book. Finding time to develop new skills is another way to keep yourself in balance. Whether it’s your career, home life, personal relationships, or lifestyle, there are many ways to nurture and grow towards positive change.

Workaholics: Add Balance with some Personal Time

Balancing your working life with time to socialize and enjoy yourself needs to be a priority. When you’re overworked, keep in mind that it’s taking a toll on your physical health as well. You’re more likely to suffer from headaches or migraines, and the stress can lower your immune system. Spending time away from work on a regular basis will help you stay fresh and motivated to work better in the long-term. Take a time out from stress with a visit to a spa, start practicing yoga, or simply book a mini vacation—just for you.
balance work and play, workaholic, balance your life, balance, flexible lifestyle, setting goals, tips for balancing work and play

Playtime is Over... Add Balance by Setting Goals

If you find yourself on the other end of the spectrum where you’re simply wasting time in constant ‘play’ mode, set your mind on reaching and achieving some new goals. Maybe your lack of motivation is simply because you don’t have an attractive goal or reason to do something new. Positive goal setting is a great skill to develop, and the more you practice, the better you’ll get at it!
balance work and play, workaholic, balance your life, balance, flexible lifestyle, setting goals, tips for balancing work and play

Quick Tips for Balancing Work & Play

Balancing work and play is a life skill that can help you become more successful, more motivated, and even give you more energy. Here are a few more tips on balancing out your life:

  • Stay organized with a calendar or desktop planner so you know where your time is being spent
  • Keep a journal to help you process difficult or stressful situations
  • Make friends and family a top priority; they are your support system when times get rough
  • Take charge of your downtime and start a creative project; developing new skills is an instant self-esteem booster!
  • Keep an open mind for new opportunities, whether it’s in your education, health, career, or personal relationships

Article Written By: Sabah Karimi; Sabah writes on health, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty for DivaVillage. When she’s not checking off her to-do list on her Day Planner, you’ll find her out shopping for the latest trends.

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