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Jennifer Aniston's Hair


When it comes to Jennifer Anistons hair, weve seen it all.  Seriously - its epic.  The mid-90s quest for "The Rachel" had women in a frenzy and seperated the stylists from the beauty school dropouts.  On a monthly basis I hear at least one woman in the chair next to me begging for her highlights, her color, her waves.  We gasped collectively when she showed up on the red carpet in a chin length bob.  We sighed a breathe of relief when she told the world she hated it and was growing it back.  We watch in awe as it seems to flutter behind her, a golden entity of its own, and we all envied the prospect of having a boyfriend with EXACTLY the same shade as ours as Jen strolled and He-Who-Shall-Remain-Nameless strutted along at her side.  Follow these tips to get as close to her look as one can, short of kidnapping her stylist.

Jen's Hair Cut

Jens hair is pretty fair, but she seems to know just what to do with it.  Its cut in extremely looooong layers, with a few pieces that frame her face.  Theres no science behind her cut, quite honestly.  Grow it out, keep it trimmed, simple as that.

Jen's Hair Color

True story.  A woman walks into a salon with an Hermes Birkin and a brown paper bag.  She sits down in the styling chair, reaches into the Hermes and pulls out a wad of cash.  Then she reaches into the paper bag and pulls out what appears to be a mason jar full of honey, comb intact. She points at her stylist.  "You!", she says.  "Give me that," pointing to the honeycomb inside the jar, "and I'll give you this" pointing to the cash.  An hour later she strolled out looking like she was Jen's twin.  The moral of the story?  When you want a celebrity color, dont walk in with a picture of them and ask to copy it.  Find something that the color reminds you of, and bring it with you to your appointment.  Catherine Zeta-Jones ground espresson beans, Marcia Cross cayenne pepper, and in this case, Jennifer Aniston honeycomb.  Haircolor is a visual thing, so bring in your most identical Aniston item, and dont forget the lowlights and highlights - this gives the fairer haired more depth and the illusion of thickness.

Jen's Hair Style

Jens hair has beautiful waves that may be natural for her, but not everyone is so lucky.  Wash and condition your hair as you normally do, and towel dry.  If you have fine hair and dont condition everyday, thats fine.  Lightly blow your hair out with a round brush, letting the ends fall under the brush leaving them lightly curled under.  Once your hair is dry, mist a curling spray from your ears down.  This helps add texture and a light wave to your hair without dousing it in products that dry it out and weigh it down. 

A good one to try is Frederic Fekkai Wave Creating Spray.  Its full of marine botanicals and a little saltwater to give your hair that beachy-wave with a slightly more polished look. 


$18.50 at Sephora


Once youve lightly sprayed your hair, hold your pointer and middle fingers together as sort of an impromptu curling iron.  Wrap some large pieces around your fingers, and then shake your hand to let the waves fall loosely.  Once youve created the look you want, sparingly mist your hair with a finishing gloss to give it added shine.  Jonathan Antin knocks another one out of the park with his Jonathan Product Finish Shine Polishing Gloss.


$26 from Sephora


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