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Eyeliner 5 Different Ways
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Learn Five Different Eyeliner Techniques with Our Eyeliner Guide!

Talk about a multitasking makeup item – one eyeliner can provide five very different looks for your peepers when used correctly!  Lining your eyes places emphasis on one of your most lively facial features and can provide a touch of needed polish on a day when you are truly short on time. Eyeliner also serves as important part of an evening makeup look; you can easily spice things up by layering on sultry shades to achieve the smoky eye that you see on the red carpet and in magazines. Follow these easy guidelines for eyeliner tips that will showcase your eyes.


For a natural look, line only your upper outer eyelid with pencil or liquid eyeliner. For a casual look with eye liner pencil, dot the liner onto your top lid, getting as close to your eyelashes as possible.  Use a cotton swab, small makeup brush, or the sponge tip that is on the opposite end of some eyeliner pencils to blend the dots together so the makeup is undetectable. You can line from the inner corner of the eye to where the upper lashes stop, or just line the outer half of the eyelid. If your eyes are wide set, lining the entire upper lid will make them appear to be closer together. If you have close-set eyes, line only the outer half or two-thirds of the eyelid. This will give the illusion of wider eyes.

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This can be a bold or a more casual look, and involves little time and effort on your part. For a casual look, line just the very outer corners of your upper and lower lashes. Use thin eyeliner, connecting the lines at the outer corner of your eye in an angled v-shape.  Smudge the eyeliner so a hard line is not visible. For an evening or bolder look, line the entire upper lid. This is a particularly effective look for close-set eyes.

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To achieve this look, line your upper outer lid and lower outer lid. You can use a thick or thin line, depending on what you prefer. When lining upper lids, a thicker, softer line is preferred on a larger lid, where a thinner, more pronounced line is better for a small lid.

For the lower lid, use the dot method and place as close to the lash line as possible. If you choose to line from the inner lashes all the way to the outer lashes, this is definitely a “made-up” look.  Be sure to smudge for a look that emulates thick lower eyelashes as opposed to a heavily lined lower lid.

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Using a light hand, line your upper outer lid, using the dot method or using short, quick strokes connected together. Do the same on the bottom outer lid. Smudge the line on top and bottom lids.  If you want a more intense look, use a second layer of eyeliner or add powder eye shadow in the same color over the eyeliner.

When lining the inner rim of your eye, use the fingers of the opposite hand to gently pull down your lower lid. Line the inner rim with the color of your choice.  You can line the entire rim, just the outer half, or just a small section in the very middle of the lower inner rim.

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Note: There is a debate among professional makeup artists about the effect of lining the inner rims of your eyelids. Some say it makes the eyes appear smaller, while others insist that is a beauty myth with no basis in fact.  Try lining one of your eye's inner rim and not the other, and see what you think. I have to note that many makeup artists and eye care professionals advise against lining the inner rims of your eyes due to possible infection. If you choose to do this, please make sure you have clean hands and that the eyeliner you are using is free of any debris that could fall into your eyes.  It’s smart to rest your elbow on a stationary surface to give you added precision in application of eyeliner.


Last, but certainly not least, is the sultry look! Line the upper outer rims with pencil or liquid eyeliner, and then do the same for the lower outer rims.  Apply powder eye shadow over the liner on upper and lower rims, smudging with your finger, cotton swab or brush to give a smoky, sexy affect. Next, fully line the inner rims of your upper (place the pad of your pointer finger under the upper eyelashes and hold them up to expose your upper inner lid) and lower lids and apply two coats of lengthening mascara.

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Remember that colored eyeliner can really bring out the color in your eyes. So many women get stuck in a rut of black or brown eyeliner, when a whole world of color exists out there just begging for you to experiment. Invest in a few different colors and test out the looks above. You can mix and match eyeliner colors for gorgeous, surprisingly beautiful eyes. Eyeliner is a versatile part of your makeup arsenal as it can be worn casually or for full-on glamour. Eyeliner is easy to use and affordable, and will no doubt bring a sparkle to your eyes!

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Article Written By: Laura Miller; Laura is a beauty expert and freelance writer specializing in beauty, fashion and wellness topics.

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