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A New Earth, Chapter 9
Untitled Document

Oprah, Tolle, & A New Earth, Chapter 9

Let’s Discuss Chapter 9: “Your Inner Purpose”

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In Chapter 8, you discussed how to rise above your thoughts and find inner space. This week, you will use what you have learned thus far to discover your inner purpose.

If you missed Monday night’s web class on Chapter 9: “Your Inner Purpose,” watch it here. Don’t forget to fill out your workbook for Chapter 9 here.

Oprah & Tolle Discuss Chapter Let’s Discuss Chapter 9: “Your Inner Purpose”

inner purpose, life purpose, awakening, a new earth, oprah, eckhart tolle, a new earth webcast Chapter 9 of A New Earth is about awakening to the primary purpose in your life. Tolle discusses that although a person may realize that the awakening process has begun in them, they may not necessarily understand clearly what their purpose is. In essence, as Tolle writes on p. 26, “Inner and outer purpose have not merged.” Tolle addresses some of the common questions that arise when people find themselves in this situation, and explains that life’s purpose is to be conscious of, and in alignment with the present moment.

How successful you are in society is perceived by some to be how rich a person is, or by how hard they work. Tolle says that these things are byproducts of success, but actual success is nothing other than “…a successful present moment” (p. 270). Now that your perception of success has also changed, you may be asking yourself, “What now?” Tolle explains that by living with uncertainty, infinite possibilities may arise since you are no longer held back by your fear.

Tolle explains that your inner purpose may bring about changes in your outer life. The process of awakening to this inner purpose may result in external changes. For some, it could be a change in a living situation, or the strengthening or dissolving of relationships as you move forward in your new path. For others, nothing may change externally.

Eckhart Tolle explains that nature is more in touch with the whole than humans are. Humans have the ability to be in alignment with the whole, to be interconnected together in the universe. We are capable of going deeper within and living, as Tolle writes, “…in conscious oneness.”

Discussion of Chapter 9 in A New Earth:

  1. "Your life has an inner purpose and an outer purpose. Inner purpose concerns Being and is primary. Outer purpose concerns doing and is secondary. While this book speaks mainly of your inner purpose, this chapter and the next will also address the question of how to align outer purpose and inner purpose in your life" (p. 258). Thinking back on everything you have read so far in A New Earth, what you have learned about your inner purpose? Tell Us.
  1. “What the world doesn’t tell you—because it doesn’t know—is that you cannot become successful. You can only be successful. Don’t let a mad world tell you that success is anything other than a successful present moment” (p. 270). What is your meaning of success? Tell Us.
  1. "Whenever you become anxious or stressed, outer purpose has taken over, and you lost sight of your inner purpose. You have forgotten that your state of consciousness is primary, all else secondary" (p. 266). The next time you feel yourself becoming anxious or stressed, take a few breaths, make your state of consciousness your priority and see if you can tap into your inner purpose. Then, continue to do what you are doing. Did you notice a change in your outer reality by this shift in awareness? Tell Us.

Get Ready for Next Week, Chapter 10

Last week you learned how your inner purpose can energize and empower your outer purpose. This week, use the final workbook questions to review everything you have learned over the past 10 weeks. Use your own awakening to help create a new earth!

Article Written by: Kimberly Kong; Kimberly is a graduate of FIDM in Los Angeles who is beginning to live in the present moment.

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