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Tips for Saving Money
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Tips for Saving Money

7 Money Saving Tips to Help You Take Control of Your Finances!

If your weekly shoe budget has become bigger than your grocery bill, it may be time to set some priorities with your spending habits. It’s easy to buy and shop your savings away, especially when you’re tempted with so many sales, great offers, and new products to try. Still, saving money will help you secure your future and make it easier to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in the long term. If you’re not taking steps to save money after every paycheck, you can quickly find yourself struggling to make ends meet and even dipping into credit cards for help. Here are some simple tips and strategies that can help you save money with ease:

7 Money Saving Tips:

Tip #1: Pay Yourself First After Each Paycheck

After you’ve designated a certain amount of money towards your bills, pay just one more ‘bill’ that’s got your name on it. The amount you save each month can be put into a separate account - one that you won’t be touching for some time - and doing this for a few months will easily get you into a good money habit.

Tip #2: Don’t Buy Beauty Products at the Grocery Store

Avoid shopping for specialty items at the grocery store out of convenience. Watch the prices on things you need to buy on a regular basis and stock up from the cheapest store you can find; in most cases, beauty and health items at the grocery store are marked up a few dollars per item than the drugstore or even the cosmetic counter.

Tip #3: Shop the Post-Season Sales

tips for saving money, money, money save, save money, money saving tips, finances, manage finances, finance tips, empowering, empowering tips, lifestyle tipsIf your closet always needs some new pieces of clothing, plan ahead and buy the next season’s high-priced items when they go on sale. You won’t have much luck for trendy items and accessories with this strategy, but you can find a lot of basics (black pants, coats, blazers, turtleneck sweaters) at over 50% off with a little planning. Many people just jump right into the new season’s collections and forget about markdowns and clearance items.

Tip #4: Go for Quality over Quantity

While it’s fun to just shop and shop every season and replace the old with the new on nearly every trip, your grand total for those sprees can be troublesome. Shop for quality pieces of clothing that are going to last you through the current season, and beyond. If you’re going to wear a $75 jacket at least 5-6 times during the season, this is a much better purchase than buying a jacket for $25 that you can only wear once or twice.

Tip #5: Cook and Prepare Food at Home

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Eating out regularly can take its toll on your monthly expenses, and you can easily shave off a good portion of spending by cooking at home. Start collecting some healthy recipes and prepare them ahead of time if you’re always on the run. The same goes for coffee and other small purchases you make throughout the day; think of ways you can make your own so you’re not stuck with spending $3-$5 each day.

Tip #6: Become Coupon-Savvy

You don’t have to use coupons for every item you purchase, but do stay on the lookout for coupons on new products. Rebates, special discounts, and coupons at the store are great ways to save on random purchases.

Tip #7: Determine If You Really Need It

Prioritizing your expenses is the first step towards financial success, and deciding if you really want or need an item can make saving a cinch. Make a list if you have to, and map out what’s on the wish list and what needs to be purchased right now. Put a price on each item and see if you can squeeze in the purchase accordingly; the extra steps will pay off in many ways!

You don’t have to let finances control your life when you have a plan and budget. Saving money is actually a skill and a habit, and you can start it anytime. Take control of your finances with a simple savings plan, and start looking forward to an abundant and secure financial future with any of these money saving tips!

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Article Written By: Sabah Karimi; Sabah writes on lifestyle, fashion and beauty for DivaVillage. While Sabah enjoys her weekly shopping run to the beauty counter, she’s been known to spend time coupon clipping and balancing her checkbook in order to make her shopping sprees actually happen.

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