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...So Why Not Take Advantage of Them?

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Last night, 14 million Americans suffered from a nightmare. Little do they know that the nightmare may contain a life-changing message. Occasionally, nightmares begin as a recurring dream. If we don’t decipher the message from the recurring dream, it turns into a nightmare. This is intended to grab our attention.


You wake up in a cold sweat. Once again, the shadowy figure chasing you has a hood over its head and a knife in its hand. Could it be a man or woman? There’s no telling because you can't see the face, and the body seems like a dark shadow. It feels so evil and definitely wants to hurt you. You’re running in slow motion and the gray figure is gaining on you, and just as you turn to face it…you wake up! Thank goodness, it was just a dream - a real nightmare! These nightmares contain an important message, but how do we go about decoding it? Also, how do we stop these recurring nightmares from happening?


Once we are able to figure out the significance of the nightmare and the message contained within it, we will be rewarded with a peaceful night’s sleep. Additionally, we now also have the solution or answer to a daily dilemma. Nightmares dramatically illustrate problems from our daily life, but they also help us find the solutions. For this reason, nightmares can act as our friends and advisors! Three simple techniques can stop the nightmares. Try decoding the message within your nightmares, and turn the process into a positive experience.

dreams, nightmares, dream interpretations, dreams meaning, dream interpreter, what dreams mean, dream analysis, meaning of dreams, bad dreams, dream interpretation nightmares
  1. T-TECHNIQUE: This is a word association technique used to interpret dreams. The technique helps to decode the message within the nightmare. Simply draw a “T” on a piece of paper and write the dream symbols on the left hand side of the “T.” On the right hand side of the “T,” write what the symbols mean to you. Once this process is complete, ask yourself, “What was on my mind yesterday?” The information will directly relate to your daily events and problems, and the solution will reveal itself!
  1. HU TECHNIQUE: This is a toning technique that reduces anxiety from the traumatic nightmare. This technique will help you get back to sleep and rest easy. It is pronounced like the word “hue” and is sung softly on the exhale like “Huuuuuu.” Practicing this technique clears the clutter in your mind and restores harmony within. It can be used anytime to maintain focus and balance.
  1. RE-SCRIPTING TECHNIQUE: This is a dream journaling technique that will help to stop the nightmares. This technique transforms the nightmare into a pleasant dream. Upon waking, write the nightmare in a journal. Then, go back and change it. Re-write the nightmare so that it turns out with a pleasant ending. In other words, give it an ending where you are the hero or escape in the chase. This will actually re-script the nightmare in your dreams. As quantum physics states, everything is connected. When we change something in our lives, we also change it in our dreams!
dreams, nightmares, dream interpretations, dreams meaning, dream interpreter, what dreams mean, dream analysis, meaning of dreams, bad dreams, dream interpretation nightmares

So remember, the next time you have a nightmare, just thank yourself for the message. Sweet Dreams!

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Article Written by: Nicole & Michael Sebastian, "The Dream Dudes"

“The Dream Dudes” are Modern-Day Oracles, Authors and Celebrity Advisors. They deliver Wise-Counsel using signs, dreams and intuition for guidance, prophecy and direction. They are help people to better understand the messages and warnings that their dreams and signs are offering, and then teach them to re-program the message, side-step adversity and take control of their destiny. They are authors of "Trust Yourself: Master Your Dreams, Master Your Destiny" and creators of the “Trust Yourself System”. They have been featured on National Media such as A&E, E!, Coast to Coast, Sally Jesse Raphael and countless others. They conduct workshops and private consultations specializing in dreams, signs, intuition and Decision Coaching, while residing in L.A. They can be contacted through their websites: www.TheDreamDudes.com or www.TrustYourself.tv

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