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Donating For The Holidays

Donating For The Holidays

What's the purpose of donating your time and belongings?


Donations are the heart and soul of most causes and non-profit organizations.  From the pledge drive of the local alternative radio station to the nationally heralded muscular dystrophy telethon, donations enable causes and need-oriented associations to continue functioning.  donating, donate, giving, christmas giving, holiday giving, donate money, giving money, donations, where to donate, how to donate


Some people donate money to causes that they sympathize with.  Maybe, you donate a bit of money to the local radio station that plays the music that you love to hear.  Other people donate their time and energy.  For example, you may spend some time canvassing for a politician that you feel an affinity with; or you contribute your energies to a walk-a-thon that benefits breast cancer research.  Sometimes, donations are as simple as dropping off old clothes at Goodwill and the Salvation Army, organizations that help the destitute.  In some way, we all have probably donated money, time, energy or items to organizations that want to address a needy facet of society.


Why Donate?


The benefits of donations are obvious for those receiving them.  Organizations are able to assist people and expand their causes through donations of money and volunteer work.  The benefits of donations for the donors are ethical; the donor feels a sense of civic duty that she is donating, donate, giving, christmas giving, holiday giving, donate money, giving money, donations, where to donate, how to donatecontributing to society in some way.  The donor assists those that are less fortunate or assists in expanding an environmental cause like alternative energy sources.  It feels right and good to give back to society and its environment.


The object of a donation is to contribute according to your own ability to do so.  Lots of us don’t have a large surplus of money to donate to all the causes that we deem worthy.  So, we can contribute in other ways.  We can volunteer some of our time.  We can donate items like unwanted clothing, old eyeglasses, computers and cellular phones to organizations that help people and the environment.


Who And What Should I Donate To?


It is worthwhile to donate to a cause or organization that you believe in.  Maybe you feel strongly about the environment, so you contribute your plastic bottles and containers to your city’s recycling system.  Or, you could canvass for politicians that are environmentally friendly. donating, donate, giving, christmas giving, holiday giving, donate money, giving money, donations, where to donate, how to donate Maybe, you feel a lot of sympathy for homeless individuals.  You could donate your clothes to an organization that helps homeless people or you could address this debacle directly by dropping your change into the hands of a homeless person on the street.  Or maybe beautification is your cause, in which case you could volunteer at a museum, or you could donate some of your time to an organization that restores and maintains historical monuments in your city.  Chances are that there are organizations and activities that address any cause that you feel strongly about.  This gives you, the potential donor, a multitude of opportunities to perform unselfish acts for the improvement of society and its environment.


Donate This Holiday Season


donating, donate, giving, christmas giving, holiday giving, donate money, giving money, donations, where to donate, how to donateWe are amidst the season of giving.  This is an ideal time to reflect on what causes arouse you and how you can support them through donations of your money or time.  There are needy people that could use a bit of your money or time.  There is medical research that is always in need of assistance in the form of money or volunteer work.  There are environmental causes that need help.  In addition to sharing your generosity with friends and family this holiday season, you can also contribute to your community, society and environment by donating your money, time and energies to a cause that benefits the whole.  What cause arouses you?



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Article Written By Jennifer Blue.  Miss Blue writes from Los Angeles.  She infuses her passion for fashion into writing, illustration and costume work.


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